Wealth Management

Werner Hahn Wealth Management teams are fully dedicated to managing the portfolios of private clients, whether they are entrepreneurs, executives, pensioners or private investors. By drawing on the full range of Werner Hahn’s competencies, they devise tailor-made investment solutions that are adapted to the evolutions of financial markets and to the individual characteristics of each client.


A highly personalised approach

Werner Hahn offers highly personalised portfolio management services, based on an in-depth understanding of each client’s personal and professional parameters. To achieve this goal, Werner Hahn portfolio managers carry out a detailed analysis of each client’s risk profile, investment horizon and personal circumstances before proposing asset allocation solutions which correspond precisely to these criteria.

A full range of products and services

Werner Hahn’s clients can choose between discretionary management, advisory or execution-only services. Portfolios are constructed according to each client’s instructions, covering all asset classes traded on developed and emerging markets. Teams dedicated to foreign exchange dealing, alternative investments or structured products provide additional technical expertise.  In addition, Werner Hahn regularly offers its clients privileged access to private equity and private debt transactions.

Optimising Wealth Management

Werner Hahn’s Wealth Management services also include legal and tax analysis, the review and implementation of lombard or structured credit solutions, and the creation of dedicated investment vehicles. Werner Hahn’s overall objective is to offer each and every client personalised services that provide a high level of added value in terms of performance, risk management and wealth optimisation.

Wealth Management services:

  • Discretionary Management
  • Investment Advisory
  • Tailored Custody Solutions
  • Dedicated Funds
  • Lombard and Structured Credit
  • Investment Solutions for US Persons (Strictly through Werner Hahn Germany)
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